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The Best Simulators

"The Major of Golf Simulators" Unparalleled accuracy, 3D Graphics, Digital 5.1 sound, optional 130 degree surround screen, 120 courses and the ability to add your own favorites... img

Advanced Technology

Super HD High Speed camera, advanced 3rd generation graphics engine, active game play controls such as working stimp meter, network on-line play, loads of game play options... img

Unmatched Accuracy

High Definition Super High Speed cameras accurately capture all vital shot metrics while providing the most accurate and consistent ball flight projection in the industry... img

Why Choose Max Out & BoGolf USA

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    Made in the USA reliability and technology leadership featuring the most accurate golf simulators available at any cost.  We offer nationwide installation and service and attractive leasing packages.  Because the game is played on-line, you don’t have to worry about constantly upgrading to newer versions.  With more than 120 national and international courses, 5 practice ranges, loads of game options, and the ability to add your own favorite courses we absolutely offer the most options of any simulator available. So why mess around with second best... have questions? We are here to help...

HD High Definition

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    High Definition,  Super High Speed cameras provide accurate and consistent ball flight projection.  3rd Generation 3D graphics engine reflects your position on the course regardless of where you are and an optional 130 degree round screen puts you even more in the action!  Dolby digital 5.1 surround sounds enhance the feel of being on the course.  Premium hitting surface and artificial putting turf provide true shot making and short game performance.

Ultimate Home

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    When your not playing golf, your Max Out Golf Simulator turns into the ultimate home theater system.  You can watch your favorite BluRay movies, television shows, or combine it with popular game consoles providing fun for the whole family.  The large screen and high definition picture is like having your favorite movie theater in the comfort of your own home.  Screen sizes are fully customizable from 8 to 20 feet.

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